[1] face B and its website were created by daniela franco.

[2] this website was designed using indexhibit.

[3] all background images were taken by geoff stahl and document his own record collection.

[4] in longplay every record list has a matching playlist hosted by spotify. the application needs to be installed and launched to access the music.

[5] music is not always an exact match to the record list, we work within the (large) constraints of spotify’s library.

[6] all the lists classified as curiously imagined chart choices, intuitively organized were compiled by the comite international de communication contemporaine et d’information omnisonique. who are: oren ambarchi, emanuele carcano, andrea cernotto, clive graham, arnulf meifert and samon takahashi.

[7] los extraditables | final l.e. 1979-1982 uses la d.s (1993) by gabriel orozco. and ortega y cassette | obras completas volumen dosuses cosmic thing (2002) by damian ortega. both images are used with the kind permission of kurimanzutto (amelia hinojosa).

[8] les obstacles dentologiques | kant kant uses an image of ohrensessel (2008) wing chair created by hannes grebin and used with his kind permission.

[9] images of actor james fox in lemongrass | the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog (best of) were specially taken for this project by mr. fox (and we are very thankful).

[10] all band names in remix are copyright of the author who proposed them, unless otherwise noted.

[11] many thanks to all the list-makers and writers for their generous collaboration. special thanks to stephane buron from sauvage records, camilo lara, emanuele carcano, daniel levin-becker, pensees classes bookstore and others who enthusiastically went out of their way to collaborate with face B.

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